Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 04/07/2017 11:33:10. Total views 997. Views today — 0.

Media: "The largest mobilization gathering in the history of the DPR began at the training range near Shakhtarsk. The total number of reservists was more than 27 thousand people".

Media: "The Defence Minister of the DPR Vladimir Kononov ordered to distribute weapons to reservists with military experience in case of battle alarm".

"The DPR Ministry of State Security": "More than ten false reports about the planned acts of terrorism in the DPR were registered by officers of the republic's law enforcement agencies from the beginning of the year".

Media: "Cities and districts of the LPR marked the third anniversary of the seizure of complex of buildings of the former Luhansk Regional Administration of the SBU. Activists of the Young Guard organization for children and young people held an action "Scarlet flowers, poured with our blood", which was held near the memorable sign "They defended their Motherland". Young men and girls attached carnations made in origami style to the clothing residents of Luhansk with the slogans "Russian world, Russian language!", "Great beginnings do not even have to be considered!"".

"The DPR Federation of Trade Unions": The Chairman of the Union of Education and Science Workers of the DPR Asia Gorshkova will discuss in Moscow the possibility of establishing tripartite cooperation with colleagues from the Russian Federation and Germany".

Media: "The Luhansk Administration has promulgated a new schedule of water supply to the consumers of the republic".

Media: "The LPR invites residents of the regions controlled by Kyiv to get blue-collar job free of charge".

Media: "Detachments of multiple launch rocket systems of the People's Militia of the LPR successfully hit practice targets during the training at one of the training ranges of the republic. Actions of the antitank platoon, servicemen of which passed for the admission to firing with armed missiles from anti-tank missile systems, had also been trained in the course of training".

Media: "The LPR students of the "Management of foreign economic activity" specialty of the Donbass State Technical University (DonSTU) visited the "Luhansk" internal customs post with an excursion. The staff of the post made it possible for the guys to feel themselves real customs officers. Students together with the chief inspector of the customs post inspected the goods for compliance with the declared in the declaration".

"The LPR Prosecutor General's Office": "The leadership of the LPR Prosecutor General's Office greeted the First Deputy Prosecutor General of the LPR S. Gorenko a happy birthday". "May you always be lucky and a clear sky shines above your head!", - the greeting says.