Thousands of state employees are called for mobilization gathering in the "DPR": weapons inspection, weapons practice 03/22/2017 13:06:19. Total views 563. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko ordered to hold "the republican one-day training mobilization gathering" in March-April. This is reported by the "City Administration" of the occupied Makiivka.

As Alexander Chursin, who calls himself the chief of the department of one of the "district military registration and enlistment offices", said at an extended "operational meeting" in the occupation "administration" of Makiivka, only this satellite town of Donetsk should attract more than 3 thousand men aged from 18 to 55 who work in state-financed organization to such gatherings.

According to the decree of the leader of the "DPR", the formation of units, their general construction, the inspection of weapons and military equipment, as well as weapons practice classes are planned on the day of gathering.

The militants assure that the calling up for "military service of the DPR" will not be held following the results of the gathering.