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Media: "The head of the DPP Alexander Zakharchenko enacted a plan of action on the implementation of the program of assistance to residents of the temporarily controlled by Kyiv part of the Donbass. Supervising the implementation of the decision of the head of the republic is imposed on the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova".

Media: "The United Donbass Fund for the implementation of the program of assistance to compatriots on the temporarily controlled by Kyiv territory began work in Donetsk on Artema Street, 97. "Our Fund is fully ready for work. As it was stated by the Head of the DPP Alexander Zakharchenko, no person in need of assistance and residing on the territory under Ukraine's control would be forgotten. We – the people of Donetsk – are united nation and we will not allow the fascist strangers in the Donbass to divide us", - said the head of the fund, the activist of Donetsk Republic social movement Vadim Yengalychev".

"The chairman of the Luhansk terrorist organization of the coal industry workers' trade union of the LPR" Alexander Kurochkin: "Coal of the republic should work for the benefit of its residents, and not to enrich Kyiv authorities. Only this way and not the other!".

"The coordinator of Molodaya Gvardiya LPR organization for children and young people" Yuriy Diachenko: "A lot of speculations happen, but we show that Taras Shevchenko is the man of Russian blood and soul for us. The man, two-thirds of the works of whom were written in Russian, he wrote letters in Russian, thought also in Russian, considered himself a Little Russian and made an incredible contribution to the culture and development of the Slavic world".

Media: "Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda received today a passport of a citizen of the DPR. Presentation of the document was held in Donetsk, in the building of the migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR. "I am proud to become a citizen of the DPR," - the actor stated".

Media: "Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda expressed his readiness to perform on the stage of Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solovyanenko. He made a relevant statement at his meeting with journalists in Donetsk. "I will not mind performing on the stage of Donbass Opera, and sing one of the operas with unusual for opera voice", - he said.

"LPR Ministry of Healthcare": "Prevention helped to reduce the chemical abuse incidence twice in the republic".

Media: "About 60 officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were awarded with medals "For Faith and Will", "For fidelity to duty", "Luhans. By faith and zeal" and certificates of honour by decrees of the head of the LPR".

"DPR Ministry of Industry and Trade": "We are going to release the first bus in late July of 2017. It will be a modern passenger bus with a capacity up to 55 people with a powerful engine, as well as advanced control and monitoring systems. The assembly of buses will take place at Donetskgormash Plant from spare parts that are already manufactured by the enterprise. It is planned to involve more than ten enterprises in the production in the future".

"DPR Ministry of Industry and Trade": "Waste paper collection within the framework of Maculaturnir competition started in all general educational institutions of Donetsk today. Donetsk became a pilot city in the project on collection of the waste paper products. It is planned to expand the geography of the competition to the entire territory of the state in the future. The competition will take place in two categories: "The best class on waste paper collection" and "The best comprehensive organization on waste paper collection". The competition will last till April 30, runner-up group prizes are planned for the winners following the results. The main purpose of the event is to attract the attention of youth to the careful attitude to nature, ecology and resource-saving. Donetsk Cardboard Factory became the partner of the competition".