Militants in Kominternovo showed the OSCE mission only the main street. Traces of caterpillars are there 12/25/2015 22:20:16. Total views 1057. Views today — 0.

Militants of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" accompanied OSCE observers in Kominternovo and did not allow them to go beyond the main street of the village. This is stated in the report of the mission, published on the OSCE website, - reports LIGABusinessInform.

"At 10: 25 on December 24th the SMM patrol accompanied by armed members of the" Donetsk People's Republic " arrived in Kominternovo, - said the report.

The mission also reported that the militants did not allow OSCE representatives to go beyond the main street of the village, being scare of "possible sniper fire".

"At the same time, SMM patrol saw fresh caterpillar tracks of the armored personnel carriers and tanks in the main street," - noted the OSCE.

Locals in the presence of militants reported that armed members of the DPR entered the village on December 22nd.

"Observers were in Kominternovo from 10:25 to 13: 00. At that time, representatives of the SMM did not observe any armed personnel or weapons, except for accompanying, did not record any violations of the ceasefire regime," - said the report.

It also reported that the so-called mirror patrol, that tried to get to Kominternovo from the west, could not come closer to the village than 1.7 km (checkpoint of the Armed Forces), as the road between the checkpoint and the village was mined.

As previously reported, on December 22nd Andrey Lysenko said that militants of the hybrid Russian army entered the territory of Kominternovo in the morning. On December 23rd Ukraine officially asked the OSCE representatives in the Tripartite Liaison Group in Minsk to record the gross violation by the militants of the regime of silence.