"Even at Givi and Motorola’s funeral they didn’t gather as much". The “DPR” makes public sector workers gather for a rally 02/17/2017 13:33:26. Total views 949. Views today — 1.

Public sector workers of the occupied part of the Donetsk region are gathered for the Saturday rally. This is confirmed by social networks posts of the local residents.

At the same time, potential participants do not even know why the rally will be held.

"Tomorrow the public sector will be gathered for the Minsk agreements rally in the area of ​​the Library named after N. Krupskaya. Standard presence is 20 persons from each office..." "They drive me nuts! Even at Givi and Motorola’s funeral they didn’t gather as much. Tomorrow, 35 people from our school are needed. We’ll gather at about 2pm near the school and probably will protest against Poroshenko and their regime. I do not know for sure – they do not warn slaves", - users of social networks write.

There is no information about the rally on the "official" website of the so-called "DPR". Probably, in the case of this event, it will be presented as a spontaneous manifestation of "civic-mindedness".