The "DPR" militant, suspected of treason, received land as a member of ATO 02/07/2017 17:39:15. Total views 793. Views today — 0.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine officer Serhiy Dobrenko, who sided with the "DPR" militants, received 2 hectares of land in the Cherkassy region as a "participant" of ATO, - the Procherk edition writes.

According to the residents of Matusov village of Shpolanskiy district in the Cherkassy region, the relatives of the man live in the village and have applied for land.

"Serhiy Dobrenko was born and raised in our village, lived in Donetsk, but when the war broke out, he, the Ukrainian officer, sided with the "DPR" militants. Despite this, the village council gave him 2 hectares of land as to the ATO participant", - the residents of Matusov village say.

They have a "documentary" evidence that Serhiy Dobrenko is now fighting for the so-called "DPR" – the "decree" of the leader of the "republic" on the appointment of him the "head of the Defense Council apparatus of the DPR".

The receiving of land by S.Dobrenko in Matusov village is confirmed by an entry in the consolidated registry.

First Deputy Chairman of Shpolyanska Regional Administration Yuriy Kozoriz said he was shocked by the news and promised to deal with the issue "tomorrow or the day after".

At the same time, the chairman of the village Vasyl Kolesnikov said that he is aware of the situation, but the land had been given to the man before Kolesnikov became the village head. He didn’t comment on the situation, adding that the case is investigated by the SBU.

The chief military commissar of the region Yevhen Kurbet is also aware of the situation. It is reported that the man was a Ukrainian officer, he served in the city of Donetsk, and then sided with the "DPR" militants. Kurbet advised to contact the SBU, which is investigating the case, for the detailed information.

At the same place they also promised to respond to an information request of the edition about the progress in investigation and fate of 2 hectares of land in Cherkasy region.

At the same time a website of the regional prosecutor's office says about a certain resident of Shpolyansky district, who fought on the side of the "DPR".

"The prosecutor's office of the oblast approved and sent an indictment against a resident of Cherkasy oblast on the fact of participation in the activities of "Donetsk People's Republic" terrorist organization to the court on the results of a special (in absentia) pre-trial investigation which was carried out by the investigation department of the Office of Security Service of Ukraine in Cherkasy oblast.

Employees of the prosecutor's office note that the malefactor, being in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast and being a colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, joined the enemy in 2014, and is now actively involved in the activities of the "DPR" terrorist organization".

"Taking into consideration that this person is hiding from the investigation on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, he is put on the wanted list of Ukraine, and the permission to detain him is provided by court," - the statement of the prosecutor's office said.

It is noted that the actions of the last are qualified on the basis of the offense under Part 1 Art. 258-3 (creation of a terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

A sanction of the article provides a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to 15 years with a confiscation of property or without it.