The UN confirmed that Yanukovych has asked Russia to send troops to Ukraine 01/17/2017 17:15:33. Total views 885. Views today — 0.

Chief Military Prosecutor's Office has received official photocopy of a statement of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych from March 1, 2014 requesting Russia to send troops to the territory of Ukraine. The Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko published a scan document on his Facebook page.

"The Chief Military Prosecutor's Office received through the Permanent Mission of Ukraine the official letter of the UN Secretariat with photocopies certified with the official seal of the United Nations of Yanukovych's statement from March 01, 2014, with a request to send Russian troops in Ukraine, and all official materials that the Russian Federation had enclosed with the application by Russia's representative to the UN Churkin", - Lutsenko noted.

He stressed that all materials received by the Ukrainian investigation were recognized by the UN as official documents, which had been provided by the Russian Federation.

"The investigators from the military prosecutor's office received irrefutable documentary evidence of Yanukovych’s treason. I received the permit for the publication of data obtained in a pre-trial investigation from a senior prosecutor in the case of Yanukovych treason", - the prosecutor general noted.