Instructors of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation run away from the occupied Donbass because of the low wages - the Main Directorate of Intelligence 01/12/2017 16:26:03. Total views 767. Views today — 0.

More than ten Russian military instructors left the training center of the militants in Donbass without permission because of the low wages. It is reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

"Eleven Russian instructors who provided the training of the specialties of military professionals, including snipers and combat engineers, deserted their training center without permission and went to the Russian territory at the beginning of this year because of the dissatisfaction with low wages and an attempt of the command to bring them in the combat activity, including the carrying out of sabotage attacks against the Armed Forces of Ukraine ", - the statement said.

As the intelligence notes, the command of the Russian occupational troops avoids publicity of this event because of "the likely growth of the panic in the Russian society and the threat of new terrorist attacks, explosions, showdowns with shooting and suicide of mentally unbalanced instructors-killers".

"Disappointed with the propaganda slogans of the Kremlin and the actual realities of the "Russian world" the former instructors are actively seeking "the employment by occupation" in the organized criminal gangs and Russian private military companies", - the department notes.

The exact place of the training center is not specified in the report.