It became known about the death of three Ukrainian military who have disappeared near the line of demarcation. The militants have the bodies 01/12/2017 13:31:50. Total views 923. Views today — 0.

Three Ukrainian military, missing in action near the line of demarcation in the direction of Mariupol, were died. This was told by the cousin of one of the dead fighters Serhiy Sonko – TSN reports.

The military who contacted Sonko's relatives reported that the militants have the bodies of three sea soldiers.

"The exchange could have been yesterday. Commission from Kiev drove over to the checkpoint, it was waiting for them, and then the separatists wrote that they will not return the bodies. Negotiations about taking the bodies might be today or tomorrow,"- the brother of the fighter said.

Serhiy Sonko was 23 years old. The other two, who died, according to the data of sources, are 30-year-old Serhiy and 54-year-old Mykola.

Earlier it was reported that on January 8 in the course of combat missions three Ukrainian military have disappeared near line of demarcation in the direction of Mariupol. They did not return to the location of the unit, and there was no communication with them.