Militants are building fortifications and undermine the road in front of Kominternovo – Biletskyi 12/23/2015 21:34:50. Total views 1064. Views today — 0.

Militants brought military equipment and began to build fortifications in Kominternovo, Donetsk region. The regimental commander of the Azov National Guard of Ukraine, deputy Andrey Biletskyi said about that on the air of the 12 Channel, - reports 112.ua.

" They brought about 12-15 units of armoured vehicles as well as artillery reserve. They started to build fortification, concrete structures, bring construction equipment, started actively to undermine roads and approaches. I think they took the village for a long time and seriously, "- said Biletsky.

According to him, the fact that Kominternovo was left without forces is a very big mistake on the Ukrainian part. "It’s necessary to predict if there will be attack or not. We are 100% sure that separatists have improved their positions to start attacking", - said the commander of the Azov.

As previously reported, militants entered Kominternovo located in the "grey zone" near Mariupol in the morning on December 22nd. Militants were armed with not only with small weapons, grenade launchers, armored combat vehicles, probably tanks and other heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Yesterday, militants fired the AFU from Kominternovo and tried to enter their territory. On December 23rd at 00:00 "total silence" regime which was agreed during negotiations in Minsk, came into force in Donbass.