"We'll get to Kyiv." Ex "DPR" insurgent advises the authors of "patriotic" posters to get at least to Pisky 12/29/2016 13:52:43. Total views 913. Views today — 2.

The so-called contract "DPR army" has no ideological motivation and fights only for its own survival. Evhen Tinyansky, the former "DPR" insurgent who calls himself "a member of parliament of Novorossia" stated that in one of the propagandist videos.

He talks about the fact that the ideological insurgents who started the war in Donbass were eliminated from participation in military construction "of the republic".

"The ideological militia was cleared under the guise of the fight against Makhnovism: "That was the Makhnovism, we overcame it". Excellent! Well done! But in the end we got the high ranked organized crime groups, up to the highest offices... On the other hand, we faced with the weakening of our positions at the front: people do not want to fight (contract soldiers of the “DPR” army - OstroV)", - Tinyansky says.

According to him, nowadays "poster rhetoric" dominates in the army and the military leadership of the "DPR".

"This is when they stand with posters: "We'll get to Kyiv", - he explained. "Yes please, let's get to Kyiv. But lets get at least to Pisky first", - the ideological militant points out "the complete absence of the “DPR” military achievements".