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Media: "Special statement of the head of DPR Olexandr Zakharchenko and the head of LPR Igor Plotnitskiy says: "As a gesture of goodwill, on the eve of Christmas and New Year, we are willing to hand over without any conditions two women, Angelica Presnyakova and Olga Svorak, to the representative of the people of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko".

"Ministry of State Security of DPR": "On December 27 DPR will hand over two prisoners to the Ukrainian side. It will take place at 9 am as an act of goodwill".

Media: "On the afternoon of December 26 Ukrainian military forces fired security checkpoint Aleksandrovka on the west of Donetsk with mortar guns of 120 mm caliber. Civilians were passing through the checkpoint at the time of firing. No person was injured".

Media: "At the round table in Moscow, held by TASS agency, the LPR and DPR representatives at the Minsk negotiations Vladislav Deynego and Denis Pushilin said that there is no alternative to Minsk agreements. In 2017 the republics will "work on them to the bitter end". Pushilin stated that "Donbass doesn’t not see for itself the fate of Transnistria", as the region, which is home to about four million people, has a common border with Russia and a serious industrial potential".

Media: "The Ministry of State Security of LPR established the identity of the Facebook user, who distributed extremist materials containing negative information degrading the honor and dignity of citizens of the republic, as well as the publication of insulting comments in relation to public organizations, state bodies and authorities of LPR, the head of the republic in particular. The user is a 53-year-old Gennady Benitsky from Luhansk. A criminal case was opened against him".

"Ministry of State Security of LPR": "In two years employees of the Ministry of State Security identified and stopped activities of more than 130 agents of special services of foreign states".

Media: "Luhansk citizens grieve for their compatriot Oganes Georgiyan, the soloist of twice Red Banner Academic Song and Dance Ensemble named after Alexandrov, who died in the crash of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense plane Tu-154".

Media: "Today at a hardware conference, the head of Luhansk administration Manolis Pilavov instructed the management of LLC Liftservis to provide round-the-clock operation of elevators in the New Year night. "In the New Year's Eve all functioning city elevators must work around the clock," - Pilavov said".

Media: "The DPR People's Council deputies of the faction "Donetsk Republic" summed up the results of "The Best cartoon hero" contest of children's drawings. The most popular among children were Carlson, Winnie the Pooh, Umka, Leopold, Cheburashka and little Raccoon. According to deputies, such activities are essential nowadays. "Competition develops patriotism and diverts children’s attention from the fighting and constant attacks of the Ukrainian military," - one of the deputies stated".