Militants will hand over two captive women to Savchenko. It is hinted that she will be a good president 12/26/2016 17:18:50. Total views 899. Views today — 0.

The representatives of the "DPR/LPR" hand over two captive women to MP Nadiya Savchenko. This is said in a special statement of the "republics'" leaders Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, - separatist media reports.

"We hand over two women - Angelica Presnyakova and Olga Svorak to the representative of the Ukrainian people Nadiya Savchenko without any conditions as a gesture of goodwill on the eve of New Year and Christmas", – noted militant leaders. They hope that two citizens of them will also be released in this regard.

"The attempts of the Ukrainian society, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nadiya Savchenko in particular, to got off the ground the process of prisoners' exchange run against the violent criticism of official Kiev authorities", - their statement says.

The leaders of the fake "republics" claim that "Ukrainian women are often better at solving political and economic problems and sometimes at running the country".

"We remain open to a dialogue with the representatives of the healthy part of the Ukrainian people – deputies, public persons, journalists, those who are really set up for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and problem solving of the long suffering Donbass", - the statement says.

As previously reported, the advisor to the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit stated that the Ukrainian side will hand over 15 people, who have committed or are suspected of committing a crime against the integrity of the country, behind the line of demarcation as a gesture of goodwill.