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"The official representative of the Luhansk People's Republic Militia" Andriy Marochko: "We would like to reassure the citizens of LPR and the residents of Debaltsevo and nearby settlements, that the People's Militia has enough resources to resist any Armed Forces of Ukraine attempts to break through our defenses".

Media: "The People's Militia lost 2 soldiers in the fighting in Kalinovka and 3 were injured. This was reported by lieutenant Viktor Klimenko, the head of the medical service team, which participated in Kalinovka district battle. “Over the past two days we have lost two lives and three people were injured”, - he said".

Media: "More than 10 thousand people gathered today in the center of Donetsk for the International Human Solidarity Day rally. “Today there are not 50 or 100 people here, but thousands. We have come once again to say that we don’t need the war which was not started by us, the war which takes the lives. In this idea we agree", - said Oleksiy Kulemzin, the acting head of the Donetsk administration.”

Media: "Around 100 Christmas tree markets were opened by Donetsk authorities on the eve of the New Year holidays".

"The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Donetsk People's Republic ": "Domestic manufacturer of acrylic and quick-drying alcohol paint, LLC Don-Ost resumed its work in Donetsk. The company has been fully restored after the shooting”.

"The Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People's Republic ": "From December 20 till further notice, due to the rise in the incidence of acute respiratory diseases and influenza, a high percentage of absenteeism of students, the Ministry decided to transfer students on part-time course of study. The part-time form implies free attendance of classes. The educational process in schools will not be interrupted. All the teachers will be in the workplace in accordance with their tariff and classes schedule".

Media: "In January, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Luhansk People's Republic will create a working group on the organization of the exhibition of achievements of the national economy "VDNKh LPR -2017”.