Monday’s total in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 12/20/2016 10:45:56. Total views 906. Views today — 0.

“The representative of the the LPR People's Militia Andrey: Marochko: “Peace and quiet order” is set since 17.00 on Debaltsevskoe direction due to efforts of the JCCC, as at 18:00 on December 19. Ukrainian side has asked the JCCC to establish “peace and quiet order” in order to remove killed and wounded people from the battlefield”.

“The Minister of education and science of the DPR Larisa Polyakova: “1014 students in total from the DPR have received diplomas of the Russian sample from January to December of this year. In fact, they are graduate students who received two diplomas, who are defended two different graduation projects and two different exams of the state final examination in the Republic and in Russia”.

Media: “Scheduled supply and redistribution of water from their own sources make it possible to provide water to the entire territory of the LPR, despite the water shutdown by Ukrainian side. This was told by the minister of emergency situations of LPR Sergey Ivanushkin. He pointed out that the situation with water remains the same, water supply from the Western filtration station (WFL) controlled by Kiev is reduced to the minimum amount – about 200 cubic meters per hour, Petrovsky water pipe-line does not work. “We keep the situation on boiler houses with the help of scheduled supply and redistribution of internal flows. Boiler houses are in work, there are only local shutdowns of separate houses because of the gusts”, – Ivanushkin said”.

Media: “The commissioner for children’s rights of the LPR Olga Tarash presented gifts to adolescents of Lugansk penal institution on St. Nicholas' Day. There are 23 adolescents aged 14-17 years: 21 boys and two girls in the pretrial detention center. “You have a unique opportunity in the new year – to rethink, to admit good and kind thoughts, to work on this, and I think everything will be good, because this holidays give an opportunity, and I ask it to realize”,  –  she wished to adolescents”.

Media: “Employees of Lugansk public utilities and owners have completed the dismantling of illegally installed commercial pavilions in the Mirny quarter. Four objects in total were forcibly dismantled and removed. Forcibly dismantled kiosks will be stored on the territory of Lugansk recycling center within three months”.