Wednesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 11/03/2016 12:41:09. Total views 1014. Views today — 0.

"Ombudsman of the DPR" Daria Morozova: "We are ready to make an exchange of prisoners in the format which is provided in the Set of Measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Namely: according to the formula "all for all".

"Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "The DPR plans to transfer a soldier’s body, presumably, fromDonbass batallion to the Ukrainian side on November 8th Battalion. We hoped that the transfer of the body would take place the next day, but procedure was postponed till November 8th on the initiative of Kiev."

"People's militia of the LPR": "LPR division was ready today to withdraw forces and means in the area of ​​Stanitsa."

"Leader of the DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko: "We trade with Ukraine. It is a sore topic for Poroshenko, but Ukraine cannot survive without our coal. They have about two million tons of reserves, they need 3.5 million. They won’t manage to do it physically, they have the means and opportunities, but the logistics won’t manage. "

"MIA of the DPR": "Employees of the Criminal Investigation sector of the Kirov district department of Donetsk city police found and confiscated 11 different types of grenades with fuses in the garage of a 30-year-old local resident."

"Ministry of Transport of the DPR": "Donetsk children's railway ended the season. Since early May the children's railway carried about 13.5 million passengers, 594 trips were conducted. The income amounted to 700 thousand."

"Ministry of Communications pf the LPR": "Communication quality of the MTS-Ukraine operator (after rebranding Vodafone) on the territory of the LPR continues to deteriorate due to lack of proper maintenance."

"State Property Fund of the LPR": "Business entities for investment projects can take public property for rent for a period from 5 to 15 years."

"General Prosecutor 's Office of the LPR": "Military Court of the LPR sentenced two brothers to nine months of imprisonment for beat a police officer."