Israel refused to build a plant to produce reliable bullet-proof vests because of the threat of raids 10/24/2016 17:11:25. Total views 1099. Views today — 0.

Israel refused to establish in Ukraine manufacturing of reliable bullet-proof vests because of the high risk of raider attacks. It was announced by the instructor of the Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, former Israeli volunteer who took Ukrainian citizenship Tzvi Arieli in an interview with Khadashot.

According to him, Israel was ready to invest half needed of the needed funds to launch an enterprise that Ukrainian army needs so much but considered it to be a very risky investment.

"Investors are not welcome here (in Ukraine - OstroV). One of the Israeli companies producing lightweight plastic body armor of the higher protection class 6A - one plate weighs only 1.9 kg and stop a bullet -piercing bullet, fired from a sniper rifle. The company wanted to produce them in Ukraine investing 50% required funds for opening the production, but professionals of the risk management department strongly opposed, warning of the potential danger of possible raids," - he said.