Ukraine has enough gas and coal for the heating season 10/13/2016 14:33:52. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian gas storage facilities have sufficient gas for providing all categories of consumers. It was announced by First Deputy Chairman of Naftogaz Ukraine Sergey Pereloma today during the conference call on readiness for the autumn-winter period of 2016/17 period, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"As of today the accumulated residue of natural gas in the underground storage facility is 14 750 billion cubic meter that gives us the confidence to say that it is sufficient to fulfil all obligations of Naftogaz of Ukraine to provide all categories of consumers with natural gas," - he said.

"Given that fact that the connection of consumers is underway due to the beginning of the heating season, there will be no significant growth in the injection, that is, today's figures are almost final, with which we enter the heating season," - noted S. Pereloma.

Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Igor Nasalik added that coal reserves in warehouses were 1 million 766 thousand tons.

"In May Ukraine worked 298,000 tons, in June -720 thousand tons, in July - 278 000 tons, since the beginning of June we have built up a stock of 166 thousand tons, in September - 336 thousand tons and for 12 days of October - plus 200 000 tons. Today we have 1,766 tons, there is a small difference between the planned indicators approved by the Cabinet and the actual situation, but it will be compensated by the coal supply diversification," – said the Minister.

He also noted that there were no remarks regarding the operation of the Unified Energy System.