Raising the retirement age in Ukraine is not on the agenda of either the IMF memorandum or the Cabinet of Ministers – Rozenko 10/05/2016 15:07:49. Total views 888. Views today — 0.

The question of raising the retirement age as of today is not on the agenda of either the IMFor the government. It was stated bay the Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rozenko on the UA: Pershiyi TV channel, - reports the press service of Vice-Prime Minister.

"Given all the fuss that goes up again today in the media, I want once again to make it clear: neither the memorandum of the IMF nor the government talks about raising the retirement age today," - he said.

According to him, this issue was really discussed during negotiations with the IMF.

"But we didn’t raise the retirement age either in 2005 or in 2008. The only people who raised the retirement age were Yanukovych and Azarov in 2011," - said Pavel Rozenko.

He said that it would be possible to raise the retirement age g in the future in relation to an increase in the length of life of Ukrainians.

"Our position is absolutely clear and conceptual - today we will raise the retirement age for our citizens, this issue can be considered only in long term: after we raise the level and quality of life for Ukrainians, and most importantly - sharply increase life expectancy in our country," - said Vice-Prime Minister.                      

Earlier, some media reported that one of the conditions of the memorandum signed between Ukraine and the IMF was to raise the retirement age.