Judicial reform was launched today in Ukraine 09/30/2016 13:11:14. Total views 862. Views today — 0.

In Ukraine the judicial reform comes into force today, on September 30th. The corresponding amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, in particular in Justice, were supported by the Verkhovna Rada of the during the second reading on June 2nd, 2016, - reports TSN.

335 MPs voted for the draft law №3524.

Under the amendments, now the parliament, but not the President, will create and eliminate judicial institutions. Higher specialized courts will be abolished, but there will be still the Supreme Court - all of its judges will employed again.

Servants of Themis will get higher salary but their immunity will be limited. However, it will only apply to crime, such as a bribe or an accident, but not decisions taken.

Supreme Council of Justice will be replaced by the High Council of Justice. It will give consent to the detention, arrest and dismissal of servants of Themis. Among the possible reasons for dismissing there is "violation of the oath".