Black is white." "Sociologists" of the "DPR" claim that the problem of low incomes is considered a problem of "less than half" of the population 09/28/2016 11:45:53. Total views 929. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" argues that low income is considered to be "an urgent problem" for "less than half" of the population of the occupied territory of Donetsk region. These data were presented by "Osobyi Status center of sociological research“ controlled by militants, -reports DAN separatist website.

"According to the results of public opinion research, 49 percent of respondents believe the problem requiring urgent solution is  low incomes," - says the report.

The "center of research" added that about a third (35 percent) residents considered a cessation of hostilities and the restoration of peace to be the key issue today, 28 percent named unemployment as the main problem.

"Each respondent was asked to choose several answers," - explained "sociologists".

They say that the survey was conducted from 5th to 24th September. 1,200 respondents took part in it. The survey method was a personal interview. The error was 2.3 percent.