Regular bomb of Russian production was dropped on the humanitarian convoy in Syria - Bellingcat (Photos) 09/23/2016 16:32:33. Total views 1519. Views today — 1.

Analysts determined that the convoy of the Red Crescent and the United Nations in Syria came under attack of regular bombs of Russian production, that are not used by NATO aircraft. It is reported by UNIANwith reference to Bellingcat.

Syrian Civil Defence volunteers, who were based near the site of the attack on a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Red Crescent near Aleppo, removed and photographed two pieces of dropped bomb frags. Bellingcat team received those photos.

The photo shows the location of the flags, including the place where the bomb probably broke through the roof of the building.

Bellingcat identified the bomb

"This image allows you to uniquely identify a fragment of the munition. It is a tail part of high-explosive fragmentation bombs OFAB-250-270," - note the authors of the investigation.

They explained that OFAB-250-270 was a regular Soviet / Russian-made bomb. Previously, it was widely documented that these bombs had been used by Syrian and Russian aircraft during the air attacks in Syria. These bombs are not used by NATO aircraft, in particular, drones such as the Predator.

"The question now is only who dropped it on the humanitarian convoy of the Syrian Red Crescent: Russian or Syrian aircraft?" - summed up the authors of the investigation.

As previously reported, the humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent Society came under air attack in Aleppo province. Aircraft bombed 18 of 31 truckloads of medicines, wheat, and winter clothing.