Activists of the Crimea blockage plan to block the Kerch Strait ferry line – Islyamov 12/01/2015 10:57:22. Total views 1185. Views today — 0.

Crimean Tatar activists are intent upon the complete isolation of the peninsula including blocking the Kerch Strait ferry line. One of the leaders of trade and energy blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov said that in his interview to Open Russia that was uploaded to the organization channel in Youtube, - informs Interfax-Ukraine.

"We’ve got several stages. As we announced: complete blockade of Crimea. The first one was the food blockade (which we did), then comes electricity blockade (we also did it), the next one is the naval blockade," - said L.Islyamov.

He emphasized that the Crimean Tatars intend to return Crimea any way, with the participation of the Ukrainian authorities or without them.

L.Islyamov called the complete isolation of the Crimea a way to achieve the intended purpose.

 "The next one will be the naval blockade, including the blockade of the Kerch Strait ferry line" – said he.