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On the other side of the front line

The "DPR" is trying to refute the information about militants‘ shooting with heavy weapon in advance. They ask not to believe foreign journalists.

Militants of the "DPR" teach students actively in occupied Gorlovka how to handle weapons.

The "DPR" boasted that bomb shelter had became a second home for the residents of frontline Trudovskoye. We created comfortable conditions.

"Primaries" game

Zakharchenko admitted that appointed so-called primaries in the "DPR" did not make sense. There will be no nomination of candidates.

The "DPR" appointed meaningless "early voting" in October. Voting for something will start on October 2nd.

On "brotherly assistance" from Russia

There will no polling stations for the Duma elections in the "DPR/LPR not to show the number of Russian citizens in the occupied zone. Thousands of "voters" are involved in the war in eastern Ukraine

Sometimes they come back

The "DPR" boasted of the "migration growth": 14 people for six months. They say that people move to their native ashes now.

"Republican" economy with elements of looting

Flour is exported from the occupied territory of Donetsk region to Russia flour on the "preferential" terms. They threaten Ukraine not to sell it at all.

OSCE observers described how theiw equipment was pulled apart on the territory controlled by the militants. Ukrainian plants were cut for scrap metal.

"The authorities" of the so-called "DPR" have reported about 4 cases of death of miners at work for six months.

From the life of traitors

"The Ministry of State Security of the LPR" is headed by the retired ex-employee of the Ukrainian Security Service. The Prosecutor's Office is trying to bring the traitor to criminal liability.

Luhansk law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation regarding "Chairman of the State Property Fund of the "LPR". Terrorist volunteers in on the wanted list.