Thursday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 08/26/2016 14:57:48. Total views 871. Views today — 0.

"Head of the DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko: "Ten days ago the number of applications for DPR passports exceeded 70 thousand, today already 15 thousand passports have been issued or are in the process of issuing. I am glad that citizens of the republic want to get a passport."

Media: "The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR confirmed today the information about the death of one person due to explosion in the center of Donetsk. Witnesses reported that shortly before the accident they had seen an unknown citizen who had been carrying an object similar to the RPO-A Shmel. The man crouched down and tried to disassemble the uniton the waste ground but it resulted in an explosion. The man died on the spot. "

Media: "Workers of the Makeevugol SE received awards and certificates in advance of the Miner's Day. The best workers of the coal industry of were awarded by the People’s Council members and mayor of Makeyevka Valeriy Lyakhovets. Order "Miner's glory" of different degrees were awarded to about 30 miners, badge "Miner's Valour" was awarded to 15, a dozen of letters of recognition "For professionalism" were also awarded. "

Media: "Unloading of the another humanitarian convoy of the MES of the Russian Federation was completed in warehouses in Luhansk, vehicles went to Russia again. Over thirty cars of the Russian MES brought about 390 tons of cargo, including 149.5 tons of textbooks to the LPR."

Media: "Masterpieces of world art - paintings by Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Serebryakov – are part of the republican exhibition in the Donetsk Art Museum. The exhibition opened today, it is devoted to the forthcoming Day of Donetsk. The exhibition features 13 paintings, many of them were purchased from the heirs of the masters and obtained from private collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg."

Media: "The funeral service for the dead miners took place in the Donetsk chapel of St. Varvara - patroness of miners. "

"General Prosecutor's Office of LPR": "Donetsk People's Republic can supply Luhansk People's Republic with foods only of its own production. Excise goods are imported from the DPR to the LPR only through the state border with the Russian Federation - according to the decision of the Council of Ministers of the LPR. In addition to the group of excisable goods, it is also banned the import from the DPR to the LPR foods that are not produced in the DPR."

Media: "The staff of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the LPR seized 10 slot machines from underground casinos operating in Lugansk under the guise of a sewing workshop."

Media: " Luhanskgaz SOE asks the natural gas consumers to pay debts for the upcoming heating season to go without a hitch. "If, within ten days after receiving the notice on the hand, the consumer doesn’t resort to the structural units of the Luhanskgaz, then we come to disconnect the consumer," - said General Director of SOE Tatiana Bogorodko."