"Сattle, sluts, alcoholics, indifferent" - Russian lieutenant colonel on militants of Donbass (Audio) 08/22/2016 13:10:48. Total views 902. Views today — 0.

Lieutenant Colonel of the 247th Airborne Regiment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Stanislav Yershov, who commands militants in Donbass, considers his "subordinates" "stupid cattle". It is evidenced by the intercepted telephone conversation of the lieutenant colonel with his former colleagues.

"They are just cattle. They have to run here with bows and arrows – nothing more. And they got tank battalion. I say: "Bastards, you just need to ride on horses. Sabre is the limit of your development," - said Yershov.

Ershov also said hard-hitting words about local people, who, according to him, are allegedly indifferent to military actions.

"It is simply the most "fu..ing" people I have ever met. Do you get what I mean? I'm telling you seriously – it’s fubar, they just do not care at all and of the war. In general, in my opinion: we must get out of here and let "Nazis" hump them to understand. Here are just bastards. 20% are those for home there. All the rest are just all sluts, alcoholics, indifferent... a fool will never change," - he said.