Putin has been trying to strike a deal with the United States on Ukraine for several months - The Times 08/18/2016 12:45:44. Total views 1185. Views today — 0.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offers US to stop Moscow’s "attempts to establish allied relations" with Ankara in exchange for the US refusal to support Ukraine’s interests effectively. Columnist of British The Times newspaper writes about that, - reports Zerkalo Nyedyeli.

According to author Roger Boyes, Putin hoped to strike a deal with Obama over the past few months. The United States should derogate from Ukraine then Russia will cease "attempts to establish allied relations" with Turkey.

Moscow is confident, according to the newspaper, that Washington is more interested in keeping Turkey in NATO than in continuation of the conflict because of the annexation of Crimea. In their turn, Europeans are clearly more willing to save the migratory agreement with Ankara than accession of Ukraine to the EU.

The Kremlin does not exclude that democrat candidate Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election and is very interested in such a deal.

"Maybe, Obama will not be interested enough in such a compromise, his time is running out fast," - writes Boyes. Putin is well aware of this situation.

The Times wrote earlier that Putin "thrills" NATO, using the disputes within the Alliance. How Polish historian Andrzej Nowak wrote, the resumption of friendship between Putin and Erdogan puts Ukraine in a difficult position. At the same time, he doubted that either the European Union or NATO will be able to provide effective support for Ukraine because they acted very helplessly until that time.