Putin predicts the deterioration of economic relations with Ukraine. No longer will there be "benefits and privileges" 12/17/2015 21:14:41. Total views 1054. Views today — 0.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin predicts the deterioration of economic relations with Ukraine in connection with the cancellation of the free trade regime in the framework of the CIS as of January 1st. This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference.

"As of January 1st, unfortunately for us, we expect deterioration of our economic relations because we have to make a decision that as of January 1st we will not work with Ukraine as a member of the CIS free trade zone" – said he.

According to Putin, EU leaders asked him to leave the reciprocal preferences for Ukraine.

"But it's not fair in regard to Russia and other countries of the Customs Union", - said the Russian President.

Putin also said that Ukraine should no longer rely on zero tariffs in its relations with Russia starting with the next year.

"Ukraine used in the economic relations with Russia and other CIS state standards, technical regulations, customs regulations, which we have inherited from the past, and that we change together. Ukraine leaves this regime unilaterally and joins all the European rules. No benefits and preferences in trade will Ukraine enjoy in relations with Russia as of January 1st, 2016. For example. Today it’s 0% but it will be 6%, somewhere 3% and 8%. ", - said Putin.

At the same time, he noted that Russia had no plans to impose sanctions on Ukraine. "We are not going to introduce any sanctions against Ukraine, I want it to be heard. We just on the most favourable conditions in trade", - said he.