Monday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 08/16/2016 11:35:29. Total views 934. Views today — 3.

Media: "The authorities of Donetsk offered residents to support the version of the capital's anthem - the song called My Donetsk. After a public voting on the Internet in the event of a positive result, the song called My Donetsk will be recognized as the official anthem. Its premiere will take place at the gala concert in honour of the Donetsk Day on August 28th."

Media: "Romashka Children's Health Center in Taganrog will host 750 children from the privileged category of the DPR. It will be the third group of children who go on holiday to Taganrog."

Media: "Utility facilities of Donetsk have started installation of the memorial in the form of a clamshell bucket, dedicated to miners and mine builders. Opening of the memorial is planned to take place on August 26th in the Stroitel park near the Marabushta ice rink.

Media: "The DPR agrarian enterprises completed harvesting of grain and leguminous crops. Sent They got more than 54 thousand tons with a yield of 31.5 centners per hectare.

"Ministry of Industry of the "LPR": "It is planned to resume work of Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant by the end of 2016."

"Acting Minister of Industry of the "LPR" Dmitry Bozhych: "Lutugino Research and Production Roller Plant received orders from Russia which will provide production volume till the end of the year. "

Media: "The staff of the General Prosecutor's Office of the LPR seized more than 430 liters of alcohol products from illegal trafficking over the past week."