"Hello" from the "DPR"? Customers of Akhmetov’s Vega lost access to the Internet in occupied Donetsk 08/02/2016 21:04:04. Total views 1065. Views today — 1.

Vega Group customers in occupied Donetsk have been experiencing problems with access to the Internet for two days. Donetsk residents reported about it to OstroV.

"Internet disappeared at once and there is still no connection. We tried to contact "hotline", they say there are technical problems. We went to their office, they said that no employees were there," - say Donetsk residents.

The press service of Vega assured OstroV that there were technical problems and later promised to provide more information.

At the same time, people write in the social networks that supposedly Vega office was visited by "security forces" of the so-called "DPR" and that they "cut down equipment" under the pretext that the company does not pay "taxes" to the fake "republic".

Vega Telecommunications Group is one of the largest representatives of the Ukrainian fixed-line telephony market which is part of the telecommunication business of SKM Group (owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov). The company owns a network with national coverage and has a leading position in the fixed-line telephony market, broadband Internet access and data transmission. The operational management of Vega Telecommunications Group Company is Farlep-Invest PJSC.