The "DPR" is going to subject religious organizations to "religious expertise" 08/01/2016 14:51:30. Total views 940. Views today — 0.

"Religious expertise" is planned to be held by the representatives of the occupying authorities on the territory controlled by militants of Donetsk region for "registration" of religious organizations in the "DPR". It was stated by the so-called "Chairman" of the "Committee of National Council for Public Associations and Religious Organizations", "MP" Alexander Malkov, - reports "People's Council".

It is noted that "the committee" discussed issues related to the implementation of the norms of the "law" of the "DPR" "On Freedom of Religion and Religious Communities" at the meeting on July 27th.

According to Malkov, the pseudo republic needs to determine the "order of religious expertise that is the preceding stage of the state registration (, as well as the order and amount of the registration fee."

He noted that the "expertise" would serve as a kind of filter "which allows to identify and weed out sectarian, extremist and terrorist association".

"An important aspect in this matter is prevention, i.e. prevention of destructive elements still at the initial stage," - he said.

Previously, it was repeatedly reported that the "DPR" began to fight against the "sects".

Thus, in January 2016 the "authorities" of the self-proclaimed "DPR" organized a rally against "sectarian organizations" in occupied Donetsk which boiled down to picketing against the Greek-Catholic Cathedral. During the rally, the organizers said that "donot want to see sects in the "DPR" because "sectarians call to the mess in the "republic", According to them, "the CIA is closely related to the Greek-Catholic Church" and "manipulates" youth by funding. Shortly thereafter, "MGB of the DPR" arrested well-known scientist-theologian, president of the Center of Religious Research and International Spiritual Relations Igor Kozlovsky in occupied Donetsk.