SSU is ready to grant access to its premises and show that no people are kept there – Tkachuk 07/21/2016 22:17:24. Total views 961. Views today — 0.

Security Service of Ukraine is ready to provide human rights groups access to the premises in order to prove that no people are illegally held there. It was stated by chairman of the SSU head administration Alexander Tkachuk, commenting on the report of human rights defenders that refers to the unlawful detainement of people by the Ukrainian side, - reports Radio Svoboda.

According to Alexander Tkachuk, SSU got acquainted with the draft report two days before its publication. "Unfortunately, it is not enough time to review these materials carefully and decide how to react in procedural terms - to verify this information, confirm or refute," - said the representative of the Security Service.

Commenting on the accusations of the presence of the SSU secret detention facilities, as stated in the report of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as in the previous report of the UN, Alexander Tkachuk denies the existence of such places in the SSU.

"There are several detention facilities in the SSU, but only one is used. We have provided a list of detention centers to the United Nations and we are ready to provide full access to these units. We are ready to grant access to other premises of the SSU, if the mission representatives insist, so they can make sure that no one is illegally kept. There are simply no conditions to keep someone: work premises, technical premises with equipment, including secret, storage facilities for weapons," - said the chairman of the SSU head administration.

However, investigators, he said, will assess the released materials. "For us they are an important source of both the possible irregularities on the part of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and events that occur on the uncontrolled territories. We will carefully examine this information and respond to it. If our employees violate human rights, they will bear the same responsibility as an officer of any other agency," - he said.

As previously reported, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch human rights organizations presented a report today which says that the two sides of the conflict in Donbass held and carried out the torture of civilians.