In the "DPR" companies that do not want to conclude "contract" with the "republic" are disconnected from the electricity 07/21/2016 21:35:45. Total views 915. Views today — 0.

"The authorities of the DPR are "working to disconnect from electricity those companies that do not conclude a contract with Regional Energy Supplying Company which is controlled by militants. Self-proclaimed Regional Energy Supplying Company republican enterprise on electric power and energy audit Diana Orlova told that, - report separatist media.

"We're finishing consumers inventory process ofbig business, industrial, commercial and enterprise of small business. Based on the results of this inventory, we disconnect businesses that,after receiving notice and invitations for contracts did not show up and continue to consume electricity generated by our stations for free. After receiving the notice, consumers have the opportunity during 10-30 days to collect a package of documents to come to us, write a statement on the conclusion of a contract, go through the procedure to conclude the contractand start receiving bills," – said Orlova.

According to her, if the company refuses to comply with "demands", then it will be disconnected from the energy.

"After that the user can also come to us and go through the standard procedure for the conclusion of the contract, however, as it pays additional costs for services on the connection and then we connect it again," - she noted.

She also added that the non-admission of employees on the territory of the enterprise to disconnect energy causes "serious consequences".