Groysman declared "beginning of the end of corruption" in the country 07/21/2016 19:19:04. Total views 859. Views today — 2.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman declared "beginning of the end of corruption" in Ukraine. He said that at the seminar for regional media on the energy and tariff policy of the government on July 21st, - reports Ukrainska Pravda.

According to him, formation of the entire anti-corruption legislation, launch of anti-corruption bodies and first arrest of Ukrainian officials ensured the irreversibility of overcoming corruption in Ukraine.

"Can you see detention and everything else? I can tell you, you can write down my words, it is the beginning of the end of corruption in Ukraine .... I can not say how long the struggle will last. Maybe a year, maybe two, but it has started, "- said Groysman.