Tuesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 07/20/2016 12:23:34. Total views 927. Views today — 0.

"Chairman of the "National Council" of the "DPR" Denis Pushilin": "The DPR will send a petition against the non-fulfillment of "Minsk-2" by Kiev to the international organizations, including the UN and the OSCE."

"Chairman of the "National Council" of the "LPR" Vladimir Degtyarenko": "Residents of the LPR have proved in the large-scale exercises that they are ready with "bare hands" to oppose any foreign international mission that attempts to invade Donbass."

"MIA of the DPR": "The procedure of entering vehicles into a special registry is renewed in the period from 16th to 31st July this year in accordance with the Council of Ministers decision of the DPR."

"MIA of the LPR": "In the period from 11th to 17th July more than 85 thousand units of illegally stored weapons and ammunition were identified and seized, including 83,876 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, 356 hand grenades, 200 fuses for hand grenades, three pistols, 145 containers to small arms, 13 rocket-propelled grenades, three flamethrowers, 43 grenade launcher rounds, 36 powder charges, eight FB gyro shots to grenade launchers, 297 powder spreader bars and other weapons. "

"Ministry of Healthcare" of the "DPR": "Donetsk National Medical University named after Gorky has prepared 274 doctors and 4 pharmacists this year. Among the graduates there are 11 foreigners who will work outside the DPR."

"Voda Donbasss company": "Electricity supply of Donetsk Filter Plant (DFP), which had been broken as a result of the fighting last night, will have been restored by noon on July 20th. Residents of Avdeyevka, most Yasinovataya and Kuibyshev district of Donetsk were left without water."

"MIA of the LPR": "About 180 applications from citizens of the republic on committed fraudulent activities against them have been registered for six months in 2016. Clearance rate of fraud is about 35% at the moment, which is considered a good result."

Media: «Makeyevka authorities resumed roads watering, watering machines have been brought to the streets for the first time in more than a decade. Two watering machines were restored, they wash away the dust and dirt in the city center and create humidity."

Media: "The humanitarian convoy of MES of Russia, the 54th in a row, will deliver more than 400 tons of medical supplies and food in the form of baby food, canned food, pasta and so on to the DPR on July 21st. Unloading of the humanitarian aid will take place in four warehouses in Donetsk and Makeyevka."

Media: "State road agency" of the DPR has completed restoration work on the bridge on T-05-08 Donetsk Novoazovsk-Sedovroad near Obilnoye village, Starobeshevsk district."