Ukraine unveiled new drone in France that uses AI to identify weak points in russian equipment (PHOTO) 06/20/2024 09:39:20. Total views 297. Views today — 0.

A new Ukrainian kamikaze drone named "Bulava", which uses AI to identify weak points in russian equipment, has been showcased at an exhibition in France. This was reported by BILD's open data analysis expert Julian Röpcke from the Eurosatory weapons exhibition near Paris.

The Ukrainian defense portal Defense Express describes it as an analog to the russian "Lancet" and notes that it is marketed abroad under the export name "Mace" (the translation of Ukrainian word "bulava"). The drone can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and can stay airborne for over 50 minutes.

"Ukrainian kamikaze drones 'Bulava' operate with AI software. This allows the drone to automatically locate pre-determined weak spots in russian tanks and armored personnel carriers during its final approach to the target. Current production is at 300 units per month and is continuing to increase", - Röpcke writes.