Only 8 people now live in the "grey zone" where the village of Shypylivka near Bilohorivka in the Luhansk oblast once stood 06/11/2024 16:30:58. Total views 178. Views today — 2.

As of June 11, there are 8 residents in the village of Shypylivka, part of the Lysychansk urban community (near Bilohorivka, where constant fighting occurs), according to displaced resident Olha Yerofieeva, who currently lives in the Kirovohrad oblast.

"Before what is called the 'big war', our village was part of the Bilohorivka village council", - Olha said. "The village had about 800 residents at that time (various sources now report different numbers). My friend stayed behind, and we periodically call each other. Yesterday, she said there are 8 people living there".

Yerofieeva mentioned that they can communicate because her friend manages to catch the signal from one of the mobile operators.

According to Olha, not all of these eight people were residents of this village as of February 24, 2022. Some have moved there because their homes in other settlements were destroyed.

"Evacuation is not even an option there", - Olha added. "My friend has been living without any amenities for two years but says she is managing and waiting..."

The village is nearly completely destroyed.

Given the constant fighting in Bilohorivka, it is difficult to determine who currently controls Shypylivka. However, according to Yerofieeva, the occupiers are closer than the Ukrainian Armed Forces.