Occupiers will not restore "Azovstal": the "DNR’s" head stated that Mariupol doesn’t need a plant 05/28/2024 11:26:04. Total views 199. Views today — 14.

The metallurgical plant "Azovstal" will not be restored, according to the leader of the "DNR", Denis Pushilin, during a broadcast on a state Belarusian channel.

"Considering that the plant is severely damaged and it is economically unfeasible to restore it, we have concluded that this plant in Mariupol is not needed. Not needed in the form it once was", - he said, without explaining who destroyed the industrial giant.

"This area will be prepared, reclaimed, and cleared for an industrial park, possibly for small industrial enterprises", - Pushilin promised.

The approaches to the development of the seaside city have been "radically changed due to various circumstances", - he stated.

According to the leader of the "DNR", "Azovstal" caused "very serious environmental damage".