Ukrainian pilots completed F-16 training in the U.S. 05/24/2024 09:23:56. Total views 241. Views today — 0.

The first group of Ukrainian pilots has completed their training course on F-16 fighter jets in the United States. This was reported by the international publication Politico, citing the press attaché of the U.S. National Guard Air Forces, according to the BBC.

The Ukrainian pilots have been training to fly F-16s at the National Guard airbase in Tucson, Arizona, since October of last year.

According to Politico, the pilots have now moved to Europe for additional training.

For security reasons, the number of pilots in this group and the exact date of their course completion in the U.S. are not being disclosed.

It was also reported that the first specialists who will service the F-16 fighters have begun arriving in Ukraine.