Ukrainian opera singer, who worked at the Paris Opera before the war, was killed in Donbass 06/29/2016 16:44:01. Total views 1062. Views today — 0.

Opera singer Vasiliy Slipak, who had long lived in France and after the start of the ATO became a fighter of the Ukrainian Right Sector Volunteer Corps, was killed in Donbass. It was reported by journalist Yuriy Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Vasiliy Slipak, world-famous opera singer, who spend 19 years in France and worked at the Paris Opera, but at the beginning of the Russian aggression gave up his European career and returned to defend the homeland, was killed at the frontline near Donetsk in the ranks of the Right sector. Fighter volunteer Vasiliy Slipak has become a role model of the citizen and patriot,"- said the statement.