"The Prime Minister is directly connected with all the scheme" – Saakashvili 12/15/2015 11:04:37. Total views 1083. Views today — 1.

The head of Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili said that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk was "directly connected" with the corruption schemes. Saakashvili said at the press conference that was broadcast112 Ukraina channel in the evening on December 14th.

We’ll remind that in the evening on December 14th Saakashvili and the Minister of Internal Affairs had a conflict during which Avakov splashed water on Saakashvili in the presence of President Poroshenko at the meeting of the National Reform Council. The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk joined the conflict and called Saakashvili "a guest artist". Yatsenyuk and Avakov demanded Saakashvili "to get out of Ukraine".

At the press conference after the incident Saakashvili said that "the truth is that I steeped on their sore spot ..."

"Today's reaction was their answer to my very reasonable, documented evidence... We didn’t let them to conclude a contract due to which they would get $ 93 million from the OPP (Odessa Portside Plant - Ed.), we really brought out into the open Martynenko who is the right arm of the Prime Minister. Definitely, I have no doubt that, unfortunately, the Prime Minister is directly connected with all these schemes. I say this with deep regret", - said Saakashvili.

He stressed that he "will not recede a single pace" and expects support of compatriots and the President Poroshenko.

"I am looking forward to a fair and principled position of the President of Ukraine, because important things, for which we all, including the President, are responsible to the people", - said Saakashvili.

He also assured that he would not resign or "take any other actions". "Let them answer. I am not going to retreat. They want me to retreat but I won’t", - said Saakashvili.