The Third Assault Brigade cleared Krasnohorivka of occupiers – Zhorin 02/29/2024 09:47:30. Total views 216. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian military, in a contracted operation, drove out occupiers from Krasnohorivka in the Donetsk oblast after the russians partially entered the city. This was reported by Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Maksym Zhorin on Telegram on February 28.

"Krasnohorivka remains under the Ukrainian flag. The kicked-out bastards from Krasnohorivka are precisely the counterattacking actions I mentioned earlier. The Third Assault Brigade pushed back the enemy, cleared Krasnohorivka, and prevented further advancement in this settlement. At the moment, the bastards have neither the strength nor the desire to advance here", - noted the Ukrainian defender.

The Third Assault Brigade also reported that the day before, russian army forces attacked the southeast part of Krasnohorivka and entered the city.

"To prevent the enemy from consolidating, units of the Third Separate Assault Brigade conducted a military operation to clear the city of enemy forces. In a short period, despite the opponent's preparation for a prolonged defense and despite resistance and heavy fighting, assault groups of the brigade inflicted unavoidable losses on the enemy - about 100 occupiers are WIA or KIA. The russians refused to surrender and were eliminated in the houses they occupied. As of now, Krasnohorivka is under the control of Ukrainian forces!" - emphasized the Ukrainian soldiers.