"DNR" militant Zhoga asked putin to run for president, and the latter agreed 12/08/2023 15:18:41. Total views 251. Views today — 0.

Russian dictator putin will nominate himself for the "elections" in March 2024, as requested by the militant and former commander of the Sparta armed group, now the "speaker of the People's Council of the DNR", Artem Zhoga. Russian propagandists reported this on December 8.

In particular, Andrey Kolesnikov, kremlin correspondent for Kommersant, reported that an awards ceremony for russian heroes took place in the kremlin today, followed by an informal conversation with the participants.

"One of the colonels among those awarded, when all the awardees surrounded the president, asked Putin to run in the elections. The president agreed. The others then joined the request", - wrote the propagandist.

It is noted that the it was the "speaker of the parliament of the DNR", Colonel Artem Zhoga, who was previously the "commander of the separate reconnaissance battalion Sparta", after the death of his son, who previously led the Sparta armed group.

In response to Zhoga's request and question, putin said, "Yes, I will".

Some russian media have also reported that Artem Zhoga is ready to become putin's trusted person in the 2024 presidential elections if offered.

As reported, a resolution was adopted in russia, according to which people in the occupied territories of Ukraine can "vote in the elections" for the president scheduled for March next year right next to their houses.