Body of the former Ukrainian MP Kiva was discovered in the moscow oblast, reportedly eliminated by firearms – media 12/07/2023 09:41:32. Total views 356. Views today — 1.

Body of the former Ukrainian MP Illia Kiva was discovered in the moscow oblast. According to the russian media, he was reportedly eliminated by firearms.

Ukrainian activist and volunteer Serhiy Sternenko stated on Telegram that his sources confirm Kiva's elimination.

According to information from RBC-Ukraine sources, the liquidation of the notorious traitor, collaborator, and propagandist Illia Kiva was carried out by a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine. The criminal was eliminated with firearms.


In 2019, Kiva became a People's Deputy from the Opposition Platform - For Life party, having previously served in the National Police of Ukraine. In late January 2022, amid rumors of russia preparing to attack Ukraine, the politician flew to Spain and did not return to Ukraine.

According to Bihus.info, Kiva settled in russia and made several pro-russian statements. On March 6, Kiva was notified of suspicion under articles 110 (encroachment on territorial integrity) and 111 (state treason) of the Criminal Code. On March 10, a court in Lviv chose arrest as a preventive measure for the politician in absentia. Later, he was declared internationally wanted.

In late April, Kiva wrote an open letter to putin, requesting "political asylum" in russia.