Open letter from Donetsk volunteers warning about dangers 05/04/2016 16:10:44. Total views 1989. Views today — 0.

I am a volunteer, I live in Donetsk. "Ministry of State Security of the DPR" is looking for me and charging of organizing "underground headquarters of Euromaidan" in the center of occupied Donetsk. Our common and now past friends - zealous fans of "Russian Spring" - wrote a denunciation on me and my colleagues.

But I dare to disappoint the "friends" and "MSS officers" as there is no headquarters any longer. It collapsed in May 2014 after the last pro-Ukrainian rally. Although, I confess frankly, accusations sound flattering. As far as I know, there is no coordinated underground group in Donetsk like the Luhansk Vostok Vendetta partisans. Not yet.

I would like to draw the attention of professionals of the "MSS of the DPR" to really burning problem now, in particular "republican extortion racket" - a series of illegal, clearly unauthorized by leaders of the "MSS" arrests with the aim of subsequent redemption. Donetsk volunteers, employees of public and humanitarian organizations, are concerned about this issue.

"A reliable source, a person who holds one of the leading positions in the bodies of the republic, informed us: after controlling (Administration of Recovery Center of the "DPR"- Ed.) they plan to inspect service and private property of humanitarian organizations and volunteers. He advised to be extremely careful, to remove all valuable things from the apartment (gold, money) untill everything is clear. There were such cases in the republic. Hungry for money employees are looking for something that is easy to be lost during the search. There are no witnesses, as a rule, during the search. If they do not find what they need, they begin to search anything for which they can get a ransom. There were cases when they exposed drugs to young boys, girls, understanding the psychology of the behaviour of the parents in this situation and their further actions. They ask for $ 2000 - $ 3000.

People with wealth above the average level are at risk. Somebody’s father holds a good position, somebody’s father has got a good car or is engaged in humanitarian aid, look – they stole ... there is something you can get there.

We don’t have skeletons in our closet, but comrade warned that if they caught me to get money, we wouldn’t manage to make a deal with them because the bosses don’t know, the order comes from the higher-ups. The maximum what you can get is to make the price a bit lower. No one knows where it comes from, it is due to the fact that the funding is reduced in connection with investing money into Syria.

We ask to keep us informed if someone asks any information about us,. This can occur to any volunteer or senior staff. Be vigilant, warn friends and relatives."

Such a warning letter has been spread among the volunteers working in the "DPR" for two months.

I think that investigating violations of the "laws" within the "Republic" in order to restore something like the rule of law is a more constructive activity than the "nit-picking", as is the case with searching members of the fake "Donetsk Euromaidan headquarters".

Maxim Unknown, Donetsk, for OstroV