"Homeland" is in danger! There are no people wishing to serve on contract 08/16/2019 14:35:00. Total views 3302. Views today — 1.

Since 2014, Donetsk public transport has become a kind of warning center. Here you will be told what to do if you find a suspicious object, how to behave and where to run in case of shelling, they will remind you that children should not be left unattended, they will inform you about the timing of paying taxes, and they will also tell you about where you can relax and where to go on weekends. Contract announcements appeared here as well. They promise full security, decent wages and assistance in obtaining Russian passport.

However, the potential "defenders of the republic" are in no hurry to take the line at the military registration and enlistment offices. Although by Donetsk standards, a salary of $230 a month is considered high.

Calling service announcements can be heard not only in public transport, but also on TV and radio. The agitators appeal to civic duty, the need to protect the homeland. The same appeals are placed in newspapers, magazines and outdoor advertising, but there are still not enough people in the "army of the republic".

Then they began to send soldiers to tell "about valor, feats and glory" in educational institutions. Recalled the Soviet past. In those days, men also came to classes with medals on their chests and told the kids all sorts of cases from their military life.

Parents are outraged, because they do not let graduates in this way to focus on preparing for exams - they steal school time. They say that this is instead of career guidance - graduates are invited not to universities and technical schools, but to the war. "So, the "republic "needs only soldiers? Only war will be here - and that is all, no development? Do not we need engineers, doctors, craftsmen?" - the Donetsk residents share their emotions in social networks. Some people even manage to joke about this: "Soon they will open a recruiting center right in the locker room. They think that schoolchildren are dreaming of fighting".

There is something to think about - this year even graduates of the Donetsk "military school" did not want to go to war. Of the graduation of 60 people, only 9 joined the ranks of the "republican army". This is the lowest percentage for four years.

Meanwhile, the "military registration and enlistment office" of the "Donetsk People's Republic" is not tired of developing plans to attract local people to military service. They even printed brochures in which they invite medically fit citizens from 18 to 56 years old to contract service. These sheets are put wherever there is a horizontal surface - on tables and window sills in clinics and savings banks, on the benches of bus stop pavilions and, of course, in public transport.

Information on possible applicants is posted on the website of the "military registration and enlistment office" of the "DNR": "The candidates should be medically fit, not be registered with the police, psychiatrist and narcologist. Future contractors must have a high level of physical training, possess worthy moral and business qualities and have complete secondary, secondary specialized, secondary technical or higher education".

In fact, they take all those who have come to somehow earn money due to hopelessness. Of course, they go through a medical commission. But doctors, by an unspoken order from above, let everyone in to serve in the "army" - both crooked and boss-eyed, not quite sober and adequate. What education? What physical preparation? Well, there is no point in talking about decent moral and business qualities. The "army" is talking about drug addiction and alcoholism as a matter of course…

There is a material lure next to the pompous words that contract service is not just work, but a voluntary contribution to strengthening the defense of the "Republic": "Citizens accepted for military service under the contract are guaranteed with clothing allowance, 3 meals a day and paying monthly cash support".

And now let us talk about why even the ideological ones are in no hurry to join the ranks of contract soldiers. It is known from reliable sources that the "command" not only does not pay salaries to the mercenaries in a timely manner, but cannot even provide a funeral in case of death. In order to quit at the end of the contract, you need, as in a pyramid scheme, to bring a person on your place. That is, if you get a contract service, it is not a fact that you will be able to quit by the deadline. You will also be buying military uniform for your money, because it tends to wear out, and they give it out once upon admission. Who will drive themselves into this bondage in his right mind?

Such a situation keeps the male population of the "DNR" in suspense, because it is clear what the understaffing of militarized units can lead to - this is the introduction of mandatory "military service" for young people.

They write on social networks: "It is possible that in the near future, the LDNR will compensate for the shortage of personnel thanks to the draft. A sufficient number of young people have grown up in the "republic", who have witnessed the war and brought up in a "patriotic" spirit, that is, brainwashed by Russian propaganda".

At the same time, there are doubts that these young people will gladly take up arms. Although they are "brainwashed by Russian propaganda", but with access to the World Wide Web, they understand something about what is happening around…

Liusia Molchanova, Donetsk, for OstroV