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The main event of last week was surely the meeting of the leaders of twenty countries with the largest economies of the world, - the so-called G-20. It was held in Germany on July 7-8. In turn, the main event of the week in the occupied Luhansk were two powerful explosions, that is, terrorist acts, which, by a strange coincidence, also occurred on July 7.

Media of the occupied Luhansk reported: "Several explosions were fired in the center of Luhansk on Friday. The first one was at about 15.30 at the intersection of Vladimir Shevchenko and Third Donetsk Streets. As a result of explosions, people were killed, servicemen and civilians were badly wounded. According to preliminary information, an explosive device of unknown origin was put in a usual trash can. After an hour and a half, at 17.00, the second explosion was fired, literally 50 meters from the first one. Сordon at the scene of the accident was strengthened".

The most outstanding event at the meeting of world leaders in Hamburg was negotiations between the presidents of Russia and the United States. Naturally, it was assumed that in addition to the topic of Syria, they would discuss the Ukrainian question as well. That is, an armed conflict in the Donbass, which is guided, financed and fuelled by weapons and leave personnel from Russia. Prior to that, Trump had repeatedly made statements, from which it follows that he understands the Kremlin's key role in this war. The U.S. Administration announced the need to withdraw Russian military from the Donbass. In its turn, the Kremlin traditionally told about "wearenotthere" and explained the support of the "DNR-LNR" by protection of the Russian-speaking population from the fascist junta. And on the day when Putin, Trump, Merkel and Macron arrived in Hamburg, a bloody terrorist attack suddenly took place in Luhansk. The official speaker of the "People's Militia of the LNR", that is, the army of Luhansk separatists, Andrey Marochko told the local television channel:

"After the firing of the first explosive device, 5 people were injured and one person was killed. It was a woman who has two small children, one small and one teenager. Four people were taken to our medical institutions, the rest abandoned hospitalization".

Naturally, the so-called "authorities" of the "LNR" accused Ukraine of the tragedy. "The Ministry" of State Security stated that "The involvement of Ukrainian special services in terrorist attacks is being considered as the main version".

Moreover, such parallels that could not but sting the West to the quick were drawn. Here is the dialogue of the same Marochko with the local TV host, aired a few hours after the tragedy.

"-This double explosion, this is like in Chechnya, or Paris, that is, it is something similar to terrorism.

- Well, you probably have gone far. We have Syria with the ISIL – the methods are identical".

As you can see, Ukraine was actually accused of terrorism. Kyiv was presented almost as a follower of ISIL.

But the main rule in the investigation of any crime – look for someone who has benefit.

Was it beneficial for Ukraine to commit such senseless terrorist acts, precisely on the day of the G-20 meeting and Putin's negotiations with Trump? – Definitely not.

Was it beneficial for Russia and the so-called "LNR" to present Ukraine in Hamburg as a terrorist – yes, definitely.

If the terrorist attack was at least directed against one of the separatists' leaders or the Russian military – then it would be possible to doubt. But to organize a bloody show for nothing, without a specific goal of defeat, without claiming any demands, - as terrorists always do – no, it certainly was not needed for Kyiv, especially on such a day!

All these explosions are more similar to a bloody dramatization. And that is why. Let us analyze the words of the speaker of the so-called "People's Militia of LNR" Andrey Marochko in detail. Speaking about the terrorist tactics of ISIL, which was used in Luhansk, he told:

"That is, the first explosive device is actuated at first. As a rule, top officials (usually ministers and all the investigation agencies) are being gathered there, and when a mass gathering of people is already in progress – the second explosive device is actuated for the maximum injury of people. These are just the ISIL's methods, which are often used in Syria, and we have repeatedly observed them on the news channels".

Marochko is right – the tactic described by him is the most effective for obtaining the greatest number of victims, especially among the security officials. But how then did it happen that during the second explosion, which was much stronger than the first one, - not a single person was injured: neither ministers, nor military or the police? Only a few cars were damaged.

Note that the second land mine was put, as we heard before, in "50 meters from the first one", it actuated an hour and a half after the first, - and it was not found despite the fact that it was searched by dogs! The same Marochko said about this: "The dogs that went along this street were set immediately. They were checking just the presence of other explosive devices. We already guessed that most likely there will be a second planting. Because, as I said, this style is very popular among terrorist organizations. And I was also at the site. The Minister of Internal Affairs just instructed to secure all the people, set a cordon. All our special services worked and only thanks to all these actions, in a second explosion, which was much stronger… there was a very powerful explosion... (nobody suffered - Ed.)".

Spokespeople of the separatists say that a military truck, which blocked the road for cordon, and a special device that "jammed the radio signal" prevented the injuries from the second explosion.

"Explosives experts were also working efficiently, they turned on a special device that jammed the radio signal, and only thanks to this device, the explosion did not occur at the time when there were a lot of people around. – That is, the device was radio-controlled? – I do not… There are special services, I can only say what I personally saw or heard", - Marochko told the journalist.

And here, too, is a logical disconnect. If the explosive device was radio-controlled, then it was controlled in real time. Then the question is: why did the saboteurs need to blow up the explosives if they saw that there were no people at the site of the explosion, and the truck would take the blast wave? If someone wanted a lot of blood – wasn’t it easier to wait and blow up a landmine, for example, the next day, when they would remove the cordon?

In general, I do not want to belittle the level of tragedy - the woman died, 5 were wounded, but it looks very staged and fake.

But it is understandable for what purpose this performance was made on July 7 - the day of the meeting of the G-20. It was said in the television program with the participation of the speaker of the "People's Militia of the LNR" on "state" television:

– Well, you know, there are responses. Although everyone was following the meeting of Trump and Putin, but still there were responses to our acts and terrorist acts directed against us… – Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Kozenko commented on the situation in Luhansk. He noted that a sign of equality stands between Syria and the terrorist attack in Luhansk and terrorist attacks in London, Paris, Brussels and other cities. If European politicians do not recognize this publicly, they will demonstrate that for them residents of Donbass are the B class people. West must give a tough assessment of what happened in Luhansk, or admit that it covers Ukrainian terrorists...

It must be said that it is an old tactic for Moscow and its mercenaries in the Donbass, to use the blood and the death of their own people to achieve their goals.

This is evident from the interview of another "Russian world" ideologist Alexander Matyushin, a "serviceman of the DNR" and an expert on the situation on the demarcation line.

"Will the reaction of the Russian leadership somehow change after the resumption of hostilities? – the journalist asked him. - I think most likely yes, because a gloomy picture will come from Donbass, more civilians will die, there will be new corpses torn apart or something else. No matter how cynical it may sound: the Russian government can change its tactics and strategy in the Donbass only if there are large victims and lots of blood”.

In this case, apparently, they planned to force not Moscow, but Washington, Berlin and Paris to change their tactics and strategy towards Donbass. It did not work out. But the trend itself is very dangerous. If one of the parties considers it possible to use terrorist acts against their population to achieve the desired goals, then it will use this tactic against the enemy population. And then the enemy will also have the moral right to respond adequately. It is like a Pandora's box - once it will be opened, someone will take the war to a new stage - a terrorist one. And there is no front line for terrorism...

And as a post-factum: on July 10 in Luhansk they did not let to "plant an unknown device beside an apartment building". This was reported by the local official news agency.

"Today we received a signal that there were some suspicious people who were trying to plant something under the high-pressure gas pipe near the apartment house in Luhansk... The operative services have worked at lightning speed. The abovementioned persons disappeared from the scene... Thus, perhaps, the operational services prevented another terrorist attack in Luhansk", - Marochko told the journalists.

But most interestingly, according to the local residents, "a few hours earlier, unknown people painted the flag of Ukraine on the wall of the same house"...

Serhiy Harmash, Public Radio of Donbass