Oryol oblast governor's advisor Lezhnev "tipped off" AFU for a strike on russian positions near Kreminna (VIDEO) 11/20/2023 15:41:16. Total views 471. Views today — 0.

Russians reported that the advisor to the governor of the Oryol oblast, Sergey Lezhnev, provided information for a precise strike on their positions in Kreminna. Russian media reported this on November 20.

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"The Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in Kreminna following a post by the advisor to the governor of the Oryol oblast, Sergey Lezhnev. He posted photos and videos from the 'usual humanitarian aid unloading point' and captured the location from all angles. On November 14, Lezhnev wrote about the gratitude he receives from the fighters and posted photos from the unloading point. The next day, Lezhnev reported on the shelling in the channel: 'Thank God the shell landed 10 meters away; everyone is alive and well. If we had parked the car as usual, it would have been different'. Lezhnev once again filmed the base and himself, swearing and running away", - wrote the russian media.

They also emphasized that Ukrainian journalist Oleksiy Artiukh thanked Lezhnev for his posts: "Thanks for the tip-off, Sergey Lezhnev", - he wrote.

After these messages, on November 20, Lezhnev posted a voice message in his Telegram channel, explaining that filming the distribution of "humanitarian aid" in the combat zone and publishing corresponding videos and photos is normal for russians.