Powerful explosions were heard in russian Kursk: local governor claims that "everything is going according to plan" 11/17/2023 17:00:10. Total views 337. Views today — 0.

Several powerful explosions were heard in the area of the railway station in Kursk, russia, as reported by local residents and Telegram channels on November 17.

"It is very loud in the railway district, as subscribers report"; "Why only in the railway district? The explosions are heard in the city center too", - Telegram channels and local residents report.

At the same time, the governor of the Kursk region urged people not to worry because the explosions are "planned".

"Residents of the Railway district of Kursk hear the sounds of explosions. They come from the training ground, where planned detonations of ammunition are taking place", - the governor claims.

As reported earlier, a military unit was on fire in the Volgograd region of russia.