De-occupation and concrete steps: Zelensky had an important meeting of the Staff 11/10/2023 17:08:58. Total views 223. Views today — 0.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that a significant meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief took place, during which issues related to de-occupation, the military budget, and reports on the situation on the front lines were discussed. Zelensky shared this information on his social media page on November 10.

"An important meeting of the Staff. A strategic vision for the de-occupation of our land and specific steps to implement it. Clarification of all plans and calculations for the continuation of active operations", - Zelensky stated.

He further mentioned, "The military budget for the next year. Emphasis on becoming self-sufficient in terms of ammunition, missiles, drones, and armored vehicles. Reports from commanders about the current situation on the front lines in all key directions: Kupiansk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Melitopol, and the left bank of the Kherson oblast".

Zelensky also noted that specific decisions were made regarding the defense of Kherson. "There will be strengthening of air defense, counter-battery means, electronic warfare, and reconnaissance", - he emphasized.

Additionally, Zelensky highlighted a separate report on the evacuation of Ukrainians and citizens of partner countries from Gaza. "The work is ongoing", - concluded the President.